IBM Counter Fraud Management for telecommunications


Telecommunications companies are losing five percent of their revenue each year to fraud. Fraudsters are after free smartphones, long distance, premium services and confidential customer information resulting in $35 to $40 billion in losses from fraud worldwide.

Detecting and preventing fraud is just the beginning. IBM's Advanced Analytics platform helps customers predict and prevent customer churn and deliver real-time marketing activities.

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0:01old 0:04telecommunication carriers are losing as much as 5 percent of their revenue 0:10each year to fraud rosters are after 0:13Pre smartphone apps long distance and premium services 0:16confidential customer information and 0:20profits from illegally reselling or diverting phone services 0:23this adds up to a staggering 35 to 40 billion dollars in losses from prague 0:29worldwide 0:30IBM counter fraud management 0:33attacks this problem with a comprehensive approach with counter 0:36fraud management 0:37organizations can detect possible fraud within a business process 0:42respond by applying mealtime fraud analytics 0:45discover hidden brought in big data repositories 0:48and use investigative analysis to take action on new intelligence 0:52the IBM approach to fraud management also scales to handle the billions of 0:57pieces of communication data that are created 0:59each day including data related to call histories 1:03app usage and location IBM now fact resource works data collector 1:08analyzes Mobile IP based communications at gigabit speed 1:12IBM now factory smart works 1:15aggregates in stores data the carrier's network 1:19as well as private PBS's generates records about call recordings 1:23and other events in their network 1:26I DM InfoSphere streams performs real-time analysis on data 1:33I DM operational decision manager clears accounts have suspicions 1:37war escalates accounts to IBM case manager where knowledge workers confirm 1:41and take action on fraud 1:45IBM InfoSphere big insights and IBM SPSS 1:48send feedback to detect new fraud patterns 1:53thousands of new accounts are created every month 1:55these are monitored for the first 14 days to ensure legitimacy 2:00in addition 21 dimension digital signatures are created for all new 2:04accounts 2:05counter fraud analysis compares these to the signatures have known fraudsters 2:10give parents a recognized alerts are triggered and more detailed analysis 2:15is performed today 2:18two new accounts are flag for calling a number that is listed as potentially 2:21fraudulent 2:22I DM InfoSphere streams create a record for both accounts in IBM case manager 2:28reviewers determine if the evidence supports fraud 2:32they find that the suspicious number is a legitimate bank branch 2:36the first case and the banks number are cleared 2:39however deeper analysis into the second account 2:43uncovers other suspicious numbers that work all the case 2:47escalates to a senior fraud analyst who uses I DM 2:51I to to confirm fraud scenarios 2:54he finds the data for the account is invalid and determines that this is most 2:59likely a fraudulent account the account is suspended 3:03until the user can verify the invalid data detecting and preventing fraud is 3:09just the beginning 3:10leverage the advanced analytics platform from 3:13IBM to predict and prevent customer churn deliver real-time marketing offers 3:19and turbocharger network performance to find out more 3:23visit www dot IBM dot com forward slash BA