IBM Planning Analytics for speed, agility and foresight


See how no-compromise planning and analytics on cloud delivers greater speed, agility and foresight. Learn how to deliver deeper insights into financial performance and make faster, better business decisions.


0:00 how do you make fast reliable decisions in today's decentralized mobile 0:10 workplace it's not easy in fact a recent study found that 75 percent of companies 0:16 failed to execute on their strategy because they are unable to coordinate 0:20 and online resources with opportunities at the pace of business success today 0:25 requires an intelligent planning and analytics solution that gives you speed 0:29 agility and foresight to anticipate and adapt to market conditions but in the 0:35 past people were forced to compromise between the rapid deployment of an easy 0:39 cloud solution or the power and flexibility of a complete performance 0:44 management solution traditionally reserved for on-premises software today 0:50 you no longer have to compromise now you can have IBM planning Analytics is the 0:57 no-compromise planning and analytics cloud solution that gives you fast 1:01 deployment ease of use and all the flexible powerful performance management 1:06 capabilities you need in a dynamic planning and analytics workspace IBM 1:14 planning analytics goes beyond just automating your planning budgeting and 1:18 forecasting it actually embed self-service analytics into everyday 1:23 decision-making links operational tactics with financial plans sent the 1:28 sizes information in first trends and delivers insights to improve decision 1:34 quality and it addresses both financial and operational needs to help you 1:39 coordinate and align your decision-making IBM planning analytics 1:44 discovers insides directly from your data so you can drive better business 1:49 results with more confidence 1:51 empowers business users with self-service planning modeling and 1:55 analysis plans planning with predictive analytics for better for site includes 2:01 intuitive natural language searching for faster analysis and reporting enables 2:07 deeper analysis and calculations for the most challenging profitability and 2:11 scenario analytics and gives you freedom of choice with Excel web and mobile 2:17 interfaces in addition with integrated scorecards and dashboards IBM planning 2:24 Analytics provides powerful visualisations that enable you to 2:27 communicate more effectively and telling compelling story to all the right people 2:32 and its library of solution accelerators speeds deployment and adoption finally 2:39 IBM planning Analytics is scalable and flexible enough to be leveraged by a 2:44 single team or department or across the entire enterprise to fit your business 2:49 needs and it's affordable size or budget doesn't force you to settle for less 2:55 get started with IBM planning analytics today and get a clear view of what's 3:01 ahead because planning without Analytics is planning without insight don't 3:06 compromise visit as online to learn how you can bring more speed agility and 3:11 bore sight see your organization