IBM smarter counter fraud: Stop fraud before it happens


No one is safe from fraud and financial crimes. When fraud occurs, it compromises secure data, raises legal fees, affects the bottom line and erodes customer confidence. Fraud is universal, with constantly evolving schemes. Regardless of the    industry, a new holistic approach is needed to detect, investigate and prevent suspicious activity. With advanced analytics and comprehensive investigative analysis throughout the entire process, a business can identify, deter and proactively counter fraud.

Fraud is growing in scope and complexity. It is not industry specific, and it impacts organizations, society and individuals. Fighting fraud is achievable; it just takes a new way of thinking.

Taking a holistic approach that combines a relentless defense to prevent attacks with an aggressive offensive to counter fraud, includes a comprehensive life cycle solution to fraud management. From "detect and respond" to "investigate and discover", there is not a more cohesive way to improve decision making at the point of action. Tapping into a multitude of analytics and intelligence best practices enables the organization to take action, stopping fraud before it happens.

IBM Smarter Counter Fraud weaves this multi-layer approach with robust case management and powerful dashboards to deliver a stronger view of possible exposures and weaknesses. Giving a clearer picture of who is a real customer and who is a fraudster, thus preventing unauthorized transactions from occurring. No matter what industry, this rich multi-dimensional approach helps organizations focus on the task at hand to detect exposure earlier with faster resolution.

Close vulnerable gaps within your organization. Fight back against fraud with a comprehensive and robust approach to detection and resolutions with IBM Smarter Counter Fraud. Watch this short introductory video to learn more.