Improve customer experience with mobile document capture


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Mobile document capture certainly improves business processes, but what if you could also use it for a better customer experience? Because mobile interactions are on the rise, mobile document capture is the next logical step for organizations in document-intensive fields such as banking, insurance, government, healthcare and education. The process makes sending data and documents easier and faster than ever, enabling real-time responses and creating much happier customers. Capture data from documents whenever and wherever they are produced to gain a competitive advantage and enhance the customer experience.





Every day, organizations with processes that rely on documents are wasting time and money – when they don’t have to. Thanks to new developments in mobile document capture, the days of sending documents to some faraway image-processing center are fading along with the cost and delays of document shipping. Today, documents don’t even need to be sent to a nearby branch office. Or to any scanner at all. With IBM Datacap mobile document capture, it’s quick and easy to capture data from documents and other sources wherever and whenever they’re created. That makes life better for your customers, your employees – and your business. IBM Datacap mobile document capture can create a true competitive advantage for a business. …like a bank that adds it to a check-scanning application… …an insurance company that offers it to people buying new policies or updating existing coverage… …or any customer-oriented organization that wants to create a better customer experience. IBM Datacap mobile document capture is part of a complete set of solutions for enterprise content management from IBM. To learn more about how to put mobile document capture to work for your business, visit ibm-dot-com-slash-mobile-capture.