Improved mining maintenance with enterprise asset management


Gregor Železnik, Engineer at Velenje Coal Mine, shares how IBM Maximo provided their company with better response time and improved visibility. 

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We are mining about four million tons of coal per year, which is used to produce around one-third of electricity in Slovenia. We are facing difficult conditions like methane, coal dust, so we need to be very careful what we do. All the maintenance that needs something, any of these technologies, must be done outside of the mine. That means that we need to disassemble the equipment, send it out for repairs, and then, when we get it back, we assemble the equipment again together. In our maintenance, we are about 90 percent proactive and only 10 percent reactive. We believe that, with Maximo, we can improve this even more. In the Maximo, we use dashboards on the various levels, from managerial level down to basic levels. On these dashboards, we can see the delays and the costs of the maintenance based on the equipment location or time. We have a better overview on which locations the delays or on which equipment the delays are bigger than on the others, and then we can investigate what's really happening on this equipment, if this is just coincidence or this is something that is repeating over time. With using the Maximo, we reduced delays in production for 22 percent and reduced costs of maintenance by 16 percent. With connection, IBM Maximo and our ERP system, now we can get the complete information about our maintenance, and, with this, we can balance between new equipment and maintaining our old equipment. I feel that people now have better control and overview over the equipment they work with or they are responsible for. I think we are on the way to a smarter mine and a Smarter Planet™.