The Nature of Analytics: Dances with rhinos


How is this safari guide so well informed in regards to the white rhinoceros? Like researchers and environmentalists, he’s been given valuable insight through IBM InfoSphere Streams. And it’s more than just general knowledge about this endangered beast—it’s powerful information and insight that allows nature preservers to stop poachers before they ever strike.
Through geospatial positioning, wildlife protection agencies use InfoSphere’s analytic capabilities to predict migration patterns and where those patterns cross with human activity. These agencies can then go on the offensive and stop the poachers from coming anywhere close to this 6,000-pound beast. It’s this exact same predictive capability of InfoSphere Streams that allows retailers to engage customers, monitor their preferences and prevent the competition from swooping in and stealing them away with offers on inferior services or products.
So whether it's understanding and protecting wildlife, or better understanding and serving retail customers, IBM InfoSphere Streams is getting you in touch with the real nature of analytics.
IBM InfoSphere Streams: Keeping rhinos (and your customers) safe from poachers