The Nature of Analytics: I cod help falling in love with IBM


Stewart Hanna is surrounded by codfish—and they’re all in love. Why should we care? Because researchers have been able to tap into powerful analytics pulled from tracking and monitoring entire bodies of water full of codfish, using the insight gained to learn about the ecosystem. Specifically, researchers analyzed the reproductive patterns of the codfish (all of which were constantly moving in a flurry of different directions and doing different things) and applied the knowledge gained to act proactively against environmental concerns before they ever became an issue.

But finding this type of insight from so many moving pieces requires incredible analytical power. That’s why the researchers turned to IBM InfoSphere Streams, relying on its ability to monitor, track and analyze a multitude of moving pieces, then turning that data into valuable insight. In fact, it’s that capability that makes InfoSphere as equally powerful for business decision-makers who want insight into every moving piece of their entire enterprise.

So whether it’s analyzing cods in love or analyzing business cogs in motion, IBM InfoSphere Streams is getting you in touch with the real nature of analytics.

What do codfish in search of love have in common with your business? More than you think.