The nature of analytics: The swan of all fears


Roger Rea is on the hunt for the elusive black swan. Much like a cyber attacker, the black swan blends in, stays one move ahead and looks for its time to strike with a good prank. But Roger Rea is warming up to the black swan’s game; he’s learned that simply tracking where the black swan has been, monitoring its behavior or even just setting a trap and hoping the swan will wander into it isn't enough. You have to go on the offensive. 
It’s a lesson Roger learned through the example of IBM InfoSphere Streams, taking a page from InfoSphere Streams' ability to predict a cyber attack before it ever occurs. InfoSphere Streams detects patterns, calls out suspicious data and gives you the information you need so you know exactly how a cyber attack will happen, when it will happen and exactly where to set the trap. IBM InfoSphere Streams provides advanced real-time insight to help you catch that elusive black swan and gives you the right level of protection to safeguard your enterprise. It’s the real nature of analytics.