Navigating engineering complexities with the Industrial Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is a diverse world of interconnected devices that holds incredible potential for harnessing engineering and analytical insight. When you know how to tap into it, you’re able to navigate the complexities of continuous engineering with real-time understanding of how your product interacts with the world around it. Learn more about continuous engineering.


0:00 the Internet of Things is a diverse world interconnected devices at work all 0:04 around us moving growing and changing every second and it holds powerful 0:09 opportunities to those who know how to tap into it it's where industrial 0:14 intelligence converges with real-time physical and digital data so you can 0:19 harness both engineering and operational insight by analyzing an array of 0:24 variables from an untold number of sources now 0:28 conditional what-if scenarios can help you prevent failures before you ever go 0:32 into production you can know exactly how your products are performing and make 0:37 improvements to new designs as well as existing products in the field you can 0:42 continuously validate and verify your design in the face of constant change in 0:46 every phase all the way through operations and service integration 0:51 issues are discovered up-front compliance standards and regulations are 0:55 easily met and the integrity of your designs purpose can be maintained and 1:00 you can customize your designed to specific markets by officially reusing 1:05 which you know works tailoring its functionality according to customer 1:08 sentiment without duplicating and adding complexity to what's already there and 1:13 its software will always be up-to-date find him to performance requirements 1:18 while providing invaluable input to your next design don't let the complexities 1:23 of smart connected products in the Internet of Things stop you from moving 1:27 forward 1:28 tap into continuous engineering