The new big data hero: Chief data officer


Innovation and growth. Those are the first two responses given when IBM speaks to executives about their priorities in dealing with data. Organizations are facing challenges in managing the scope and large-scale transformations that they need to deal with rapid data expansion. This new reality raises the question: Don‘t data assets, like any other corporate asset, need an executive owner?

Gartner research estimates that by 2015, 25 percent of large global organizations will have appointed chief data officers. To discuss this interesting and emerging role of the chief data officer (CDO), we spoke with three experts who have interviewed and seen many chief data officers in action. Over the past several months, our three guests have conducted face-to-face interviews and have leveraged results from other studies conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value to develop a new paper about chief data officers.

Glenn Finch is the leader for technology and data at IBM Global Business Services, Strategy and Analytics. Glenn has been the global BAO transformation leader and the managing partner for IBM BAO in North America. Marc Teerlink is a global strategist for big data science and consumer behavior analytics at the IBM Strategy and Analytics Center of Competence. Marc consults with clients as a big data scientist and marketologist, and he is a registered trademark holder for "Turning Data into Dollars." Paula Wiles Sigmon is the program director for product marketing at IBM and has focused on data interchange, information integration and information governance for the last 20 years. She has held a variety of product management, product marketing and marketing management roles.