Predictive analytics use cases and industry applications


If you knew what was most likely to happen next, just imagine how that could impact your organization’s success. Predictive analytics can be a huge game changer in transforming almost any organization, of any size, in any industry.

Discover the many ways you can apply predictive analytics to help your organization achieve competitive advantage.

Help people and systems make the right decisions every time and optimize decisions at the point of impact.


0:00 theme 0:05 in any business healthcare entity law enforcement 0:09 or government agency predicting what's going to happen next is critical 0:14 predictive analytics helps determine just that 0:17 there are many different ways to apply predictive analytics 0:20 traditional use cases include retail companies 0:23 using it to determine which customers to contact and which products will be a 0:27 peak interest 0:29 we've helped in auto insurance company reduce fraud 0:32 we use predictive analytics to automatically classify 0:35 each claimed by Prince legitimate claims for fast track so the company close 0:40 claims faster 0:41 with less manpower and reduce fraud this was a huge cost saver 0:46 then there's some more unique applications were getting excellent 0:49 results 0:50 in law enforcement predictive analytics Inc making a big impact 0:54 the Tennessee Highway Patrol is using it to save lives 0:57 by increasing the number a DUI arrest and it's being used to predict 1:02 and prevent roadway accident in education 1:06 were helping colleges increase student retention by identifying 1:09 atrás students and the best place to help them succeed we use predictive 1:13 analytics to help 1:15 a large European retailer monitor and regulate refrigeration performance 1:19 across 1:20 thousands of stores saving them up to 20 percent 1:23 in refrigeration energy costs were only seeking new applications 1:28 wondering how predictive analytics can help your organization 1:31 let us help you find out