Prevent attempted fraud with the cognitive power of IBM Watson


The impact of fraud runs deep. It can lead to financial loss, affect legal fees and brand recognition, but above all, it influences consumer confidence in a lasting way.

IBM Counter Fraud Management (CFM) for insurance is next generation analytics software delivered as a single integrated solution. It helps detect fraud attempts and allows you to respond appropriately. You can investigate suspicious cases, discover new types of fraud, and monitor all your counter-fraud efforts.

Watch the video for an example of the analytical capabilities that help detect relationships in data possibly missed with traditional approaches.

Unstructured data is a great resource in fighting financial crime. IBM CFM draws on the cognitive power of IBM Watson to analyze historical cases, websites, applications and policies Using open sourced data can help uncover additional evidence to prove fraud.

For more information on how the IBM Counter-Fraud Management for Insurance solution is designed to help insurers prevent and intercept attempted fraud see