Preview - Big Data at the Speed of Business


Organizations are discovering that their continued relevance, and even survival, depends on harnessing big data to better understand their customers, reduce risk, and discover entirely new opportunities for growth in a changing world. On April 3rd, IBM announced exciting innovations that help organizations gain advantage from all data -- including data that was once considered too big or too complex to affordably manage and analyze. 

Join us on April 30th to learn from IBM clients and big data experts how IBM helps clients gain a competitive advantage with innovative software and systems designed for the era of big data including:

  • Multi-workload database software optimized for high availability transactions and high-performance analytics
  • Expert Integrated Systems that accelerate exploration of more data to unlock greater insights
  • Enhanced analytic capabilities for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in order to get value from big data faster
  • Deployment flexibility that removes barriers to scale and lowers cost

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