Public Sector Watch: Countdown to cyberwar


This interactive Google hangout took place on August 21, 2015. Noted authors and industry experts examined several questions and discussed what governments, companies, and individuals could do to deter, detect, protect and defend against this new and dangerous threat of cyberwar.

Here are the questions we discussed:

  • We see a lot of cyber crimes and espionage these days. What is the tipping point when these become cyberwarfare?
  • What would our advisories most likely go after?
  • What if the war is launched by an activist or hacking group within the boundaries of a nation state, but not the nation state itself? Are both parties then responsible?
  • Who is the most advanced of our advisories?
  • What would the early signs most likely look like?
  • Would we know it was a war right away?
  • Is the US Prepared?
  • How would we likely respond? A cyber counterattack? A kinetic counter attack? How would we decide?


Richard Stiennon is a veteran of the security industry and, as an industry analyst, has years of experience advising enterprises, vendors and government agencies on their security strategies. He continues to help large enterprises better protect their networks and to help vendors serve those needs. Richard is the author of Surviving Cyberwar (Government Institutes, 2010) and UP and to the RIGHT: Strategy and Tactics of Analyst Influence (IT-Harvest Press, 2012).

Andrew Friedrich is the federal director of big data, cybersecurity and information management solutions. He has an extensive background in security solution design and delivery across national security missions, financial services and state and local government. His employment history spans everything from enterprise software companies to grassroots, high tech start-ups.

Bob Stasio is the Senior Product Manager of Cyber Analysis at IBM i2 Safer Planet. He brings nearly 14 years of rare expertise fighting top tier malicious actors through his work in the intelligence community, the U.S. Military, NSA and commercial sector. Bob served on the initial staff of US Cyber Command. Serving in Iraq during “The Surge,” Bob’s intelligence unit supported the detainment of over 450 high-value targets.

Parham Eftekhari has helped organizations develop and execute high-performance strategic growth strategies for nearly 15 years. He currently serves as Co-Founder & Senior Fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a non-partisan Think Tank that advises congress on technology legislation and gives Industry leaders a first of its kind platform to provide thought leadership directly to legislators, congressional caucuses, senate committees and agencies on technology priorities. Mr. Eftekhari also serves on the DHS/HHS Health Sector Coordinating council as the ICIT representative.

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