Racing the perfect race with IBM Analytics


Ultracyclist David Haase is lapping the competition. Using IBM Analytics, Haase is cycling 3,000 miles for the Race Across America, monitoring heart rate, distance and power output. Now he can stay on time, on path and in motion.

Learn more about how IBM is helping ultracyclist Dave Haase win RAAM 2015: a 3,000 mile race across the United States.


0:00I 0:01it 0:01it when I first started our race in a bike 0:04I was not at all into technology and then as I got better 0:08I was looking for ways to you know get closer to the top of the competition in 0:12a in a van son 0:13you know started using a bike computer and then I started using 0:16no heart rate monitors and then power meters and 0:20now are using you know garments to measure our power output 0:24our trade and using more technology the Race Across America is 0:28the hardest most challenging all the races I think that's the only way that 0:32to go after this racism and on 0:35not being at the prime age up my life i'm looking for every advantage they can 0:40using the technology that's out there 0:42I to make better decisions racing today is gonna face a lot 0:45decisions on the course Tom relative to 0:49how much is after dinner pollard is being brought together in real time 0:53by to make these decisions no one else can do that when you take 0:56these types of systems that are really learning platforms that allow you to 1:00take 1:00unbelievable not subpoena and synthesize them down to something 1:04meaningful to be willing get the inside the house patterns bench knowing when 1:09his trail of tears 1:10knowing exactly how many hours how many seconds he can be a saddle 1:14without it causing bodily injury or or or challenge like that 1:18there's also two variables and we're looking at all on we're trying to give 1:21them 1:22skynews we can decision optimization is used mainly for things like planning 1:27decisions 1:27anywhere where you have a combination of decisions to be made 1:31and you need to figure out what is the base the mongos many combinations to 1:34choose 1:35if you think of Dave's guys his goal is to get reason despite action as quickly 1:39as possible 1:40and from I'm what I heard about Dave he is a machine 1:43you guys for forty hours and so just as he was scheduled downtime 1:47when actual machine what we want to do is how to paste plan and schedule based 1:51on time 1:52using up my up to now optimized nation and 1:56decision optimization has been very much you think industry 1:59and oil companies manufacturers banking and so forth 2:03and this is really bringing me to that personal story 2:06bring it to you regular people and 2:10that all my possible with the emergence of cloud I think it's an exciting time 2:14that we can take 2:15analytics and use it to advise as to improve 2:19our decisions 2:2010 hands human judgment his race performance will be a function natos 2:25fitness in lockerbie fitness forcing like 2:29and we're thrilled actually give him a lot lot more power in the moment 2:32two races for victory do 2:37p 2:41good