The rise of chief data scientists


How leading companies are developing and retaining talent for analytics

Harvard Business Review called the Data Scientist "the sexiest job of the 21st Century." With the diversity of skills needed, the shortage of data scientists can become a serious constraint for organizations. As per a recent IBM study, leading organizations are developing formal career paths to develop and retain data science talent. Organizations that can go beyond technology and coax this new breed of individuals to build things by unlocking the value of data will emerge real winners of the future.

In this short video, Dr.Marc Teerlink, global strategist and data scientist, IBM Strategy and Analytics Center of Competence discusses how leaders leverage and innovate with big data and analytics to create value for their organizations. He refers to the findings from the 2013 Analytics study, Analytics: A blueprint for Value and discusses the importance of organizational elements like talent and career paths that can transform analytics success in leading organizations.