The smarter payment platform for immediate payments


The commercial banking industry is rapidly changing. New immediate payment schemes are challenging the traditional batch processing paradigms requiring transactions to process in seconds rather than hours. Real-time transactions are making it harder to identify and react to fraud promptly. Fintech firms are chipping away at the market share of banks and the potential is becoming greater for blockchain networks to replace traditional service providers as the administrator of records and transactions.

IBM Financial Transaction Manager is here to help. From assisting with these financial payment processing challenges to increasing revenue, IBM Financial Transaction Manager is a bank’s path to business growth in the digital age. This integrated payments platform processes, monitors, tracks and reports on financial payments and transactions in real-time. It creates an integrated approach to adding new payment rails to existing transaction processing environments, making it possible to minimize operational risks and maintain legacy systems through payment convergence and the provision of real-time predictive insights.

Our platform makes banks even smarter. With the addition of cognitive capabilities, you can quickly adapt to real-time fraud detection for your unique customer base resulting in higher accuracy and fewer false positives. You also gain invaluable insight into your customer’s payment usage and trends.

Once your systems are unified and fraud minimized, you have the capacity to process more transactions faster with minimal risk. As the volume and variety of transactions increase, IBM Financial Transaction Manager will continue to provide a stable, resilient and scalable application platform. A platform that allows financial institutions to introduce new real-time schemes and payment types continually, support existing and emerging transaction processing, enhance cognitive fraud detection and payment insights and foster emerging blockchain initiatives.

To learn more about IBM Financial Transaction Manager watch this video and visit our website to see how you can future-proof your business.