Smarter public safety through data-driven government


The realities of ensuring public safety today are not the same as they used to be. Governments have a lot of challenges in front of them, but there are some powerful solutions available. Analytic and collaboration tools can support better decisions and act as a force multiplier to enable officials to manage more with less.

This video features Brian Cotton Global VP, ICT, Frost & Sullivan.

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0:02 governments trying to safeguard the public today have some real names 0:05 need to reduce costs while boosting efficiency any defective 0:09 incident reporting at real time common operational picture 0:13 to be able to assess situations make decisions quickly 0:16 and we need to improve collaboration 0:19 and information sharing across departments and jurisdictions 0:23 world 0:28 government has so much data opens up 0:31 and it grows every day but most have never gets used 0:34 but imagine having the ability to organize all that data 0:37 and extract valuable insight into why when and where certain crimes happen 0:42 predict when and where the kirker 0:44 an implant action policy to prevent als crimes from happening 0:48 this is data-driven government for public safety 0:52 and he's a real solutions real cities 0:55 are successfully using places like minneapolis 0:58 Barcelona were using the solutions to that complex organizations across a 1:03 large metropolitan areas 1:04 the keeping people safe for common crimes faster 1:08 proving the flow of traffic and making citizen experience better 1:12 from places like the philippines Rio which you use in the solutions to 1:16 protect 1:16 when natural disasters might occur where damage might happen 1:21 and then warned their citizens so they can get to see start small 1:25 start with a single he gets here single department 1:28 take their data manage it use the analytic tools get people used to 1:33 using these things and demonstrate some success and then 1:37 roll that out scale it up to the next Department or 1:41 and adjacent city that enables the 1:44 the success from one to feed into success 1:47 for others it also helps on a budgetary standpoint 1:51 because if an agency can take the pilot project 1:55 and demonstrate the success and 1:57 the return on that investment then that helps 2:00 secure more budget to do it to the next 2:03 adjacent jurisdiction or the next apartment what you're getting from 2:08 video footage and citizen reports and police report 2:12 and then you get a picture of know what happens in a certain neighborhood 2:17 or what could happen in a certain district at a certain time 2:20 under certain circumstances and all that data you the power 2:24 have a better I'll real time operating 2:27 situational awareness where art