Social analytics for retail


The hero of this story is a skirt—a green asymmetrical skirt. See how a fashion retailer responded to real-time fashion trends and sentiment analysis emerging from social media data. By late afternoon, the fashion retailer was ready to launch a set of exclusive offerings available for immediate pre-order. Social analytics is driving real financial results.


0:00 good 0:07 good 0:12 hello 0:16 mining is princess I'm a number 0:19 IBM global centre competent team for central business 0:23 this team 0:25 works for the biggest consumer brands in the world using social intelligence to 0:29 drive real 0:30 financial results literally millions have dollars 0:34 and increased revenues reduced price and market expansion 0:38 and today I want to share this team stream 0:43 for helping the retail fashion industry so 0:46 I'm going to tell you a story it's a story about one in the five-way 0:52 in which iBM is using social intelligence to help fashion retail 0:56 client create 0:57 financial results specifically increased revenue 1:00 like so many stories in search of these days 1:04 the story starts China and the hero at the story is 1:10 a skirt a green asymmetric roster 1:14 perfect for the upscale professional one Fisker 1:19 is one skirt from the park election every $10 billion dollar retail brand 1:23 called 1:24 bath fashion incorporated or F at II 1:27 for short but this car is very special 1:31 because it's currently being warned by one of the top actresses in China 1:35 on one of its top television shows literally 1:38 a hundred million viewers and Asia allow and the way he wore that skirt 1:43 it resonated with at applies or demographic 1:47 in a major way 1:50 how major over a million office ladies from 1:53 all over mainland China blocked their opinion in the last 10 minutes alone 1:58 1,000,000 ten-minute major 2:02 but it's all good because back in Europe at at I 2:07 global headquarters IBM social analytics picked up the spike in interest 2:12 sets and a trend alert to the brand manager who fired a personal command 2:16 center interfaith 2:17 and within minutes could clearly understand the fashion trends from the 2:21 data 2:21 she follows the training sentiment as it evolves 2:24 chilling in the things like hot topic relative sentiment 2:28 fashion trends broken down by region at even viewing many of the original 2:32 comment and then 2:35 she take action enough 2:39 opportunity alert to the product team 2:42 suggesting that they develop a new limited edition asymmetrical skirt 2:47 so much the one that the actress Ward hitting 2:50 fashion trends but the details like Patrick 2:53 like in color will be optimized for local news 2:57 thanks to the social data 3:02 the product team leader get the opportunity alert from the brand manager 3:06 he refused a recommendation 3:09 and he watches on special for me Center here 3:13 he can cross-reference emerging trends with his own historical segmentation 3:17 detailed 3:20 you make the decision based on social intelligence at this bike is indicative 3:24 of a true passion trampled 3:27 any contact for design and distribution team to build a strategy 3:31 to respond to the trend meanwhile 3:34 over and products and design the team has a response strategy ready 3:39 thanks essential analytic by late afternoon 3:44 FF I is ready to markets that have exclusive offering 3:48 available for immediate pre-order in there 3:51 on minority this is a special setup 3:54 asymmetrical skirts similar to the TV actresses 3:57 but based on a real social inside about regional style preferences 4:02 and Paul price at a premium mark-up 4:05 25 percent over the original hurts pride 4:08 guaranteed sell-out by dinner time 4:14 sentiment on mine for at at I has turned super positive 4:18 in China with many of the exclusive lines receiving heavy ordering traffic 4:24 as well as extensive positive coverage by the fashion blog 4:27 fear and even traditional media so what next 4:34 at that I with the fashionista TV watcher 4:37 and 200,000 profit opportunity in China 4:40 IBM social intelligence them 4:43 and a single actionable failed 4:48 and the insight is only one example as the thousands and thousands 4:53 in play that IBM service that can provide drive revenue 4:57 as well as PA and protect competitive advantage 5:01 all I know it's a pretty happy story 5:06 with a free happy finance lending all powered 5:09 by IBM's collaborative and results-driven approach to settle in a 5:13 limited 5:18 and what is the IBM social analytics solution it simple 5:22 its mix and match services cloud-based technology 5:27 and plug-and-play processes 5:30 it as big or as little as you need it to me 5:33 whether you need a simple toward 5:37 a monthly service for for competitive solution 5:41 IBM can deliver real financial results for your business 5:45 Wed