Sonic Drive-In integrates store lifecycle management solutions for quality analytics


Sonic Drive-In uses IBM TRIRIGA software to address new lease accounting standard changes and to provide quality analytics to management.

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0:00 well 0:04 world I work for Sonic corporation week down 0:09 time and operate 3500 drive-ins across 0:13 and forty-three states and driving conch that we have drinks 0:17 at present re food burgers fries 0:20 and we are treated pine the stock market 0:24 market as opened I am that fixed asset manager 0:27 we and handle all the accounting for all of our corporate and can be on driving 0:32 affect 0:33 as well as police the coming challenges we face was when you this lesion that 0:38 would handle the upcoming 0:39 and lease accounting standard changes that were and they're coming up 0:43 with the number I'll locations and leases that we had we needed a solution 0:47 that gave us control 0:49 and oversight and our portfolio am 0:53 something easily to manage and and 0:56 easily reportable on and able to provide good analytics 2-yard 1:01 we and wanted a solution that was out of the box 1:04 and the solution we had prior to this we did not for customization 1:08 which pretty much and ended up being dead in the water like we can use it 1:11 am so when we went into looking for solution we wanted them now the box that 1:15 we could use 1:16 with very little customization any that we can configure target 1:21 so when we went into it we went in 1:23 with their thing that we can change our processes we were gonna stick to our 1:27 processes to construct 1:28 how they've been like contrary get because 1:32 they had am something in place for the night and changes 1:36 they also have a.m. a complete 1:40 solution from cradle to grave the whole life cycle process and the store 1:45 from site selection to construction 1:49 to lease negotiations to am finance 1:52 cue when we retire the building it will definitely 1:55 provide strong analytic that we never had the fourth 2:01 prior to try every guy I would manage the leases 2:04 in the portfolio year maybe 2:07 eighty spreadsheet so every month I have to go and 2:11 update each spreadsheet and with that there's 2:14 and risk aired with formulas material misstatement 2:18 exit ramp try reading helps streamline 2:21 our ad business processes as well as our and transactional processes 2:25 and helped a lot of time its freedom 2:29 them 2:30 time Corp that process thing you're doing analytics to help 2:34 executive team decisions it makes us ready for the new 2:38 least standards am it's a one stop shop from inception to disposal 2:43 increase reporting and analytical capability 2:46 increased streamlined process efficiency 2:49 a reduction there's accountability across all departments 2:53 improve communication between and the different departments 2:57 up working with the CIA them Solutions has provided a complete roadmap per 3:02 store life cycle management 3:04 all learned a lot p and am really excited minute 3:08 brings the future of