Stryker field sales teams can focus more on the customer with SPM solutions


Stryker is able to better manage incentive compensation for its US based sales representatives so that they can focus more on the customer, selling and strategizing. Jeff Mangieri, System Specialise, Sales Operations, Stryker, explains "Our previous system, had maybe a twenty percent user rate. We implemented the IBM system, and it went from a twenty percent to eighty percent of our field using it."

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Transcript 0:02 %uh 0:06 %uh 0:08 %uh 0:10 on 0:11 me wanted something that was newer more dynamic that we can get out to our field 0:15 sales 0:16 organization you know %uh more timely basis 0:20 the and IBM solution I'll was really a great ass for us 0:25 we've been using SVM or the incentive compensation 0:28 management of our the old sales organizations 0:32 across the US the reps a lot more knowledgeable they don't spend as much 0:36 time trying to figure out what they're getting paid 0:38 they can spend more time selling strategize 0:42 skilled jobs together they are business plans and 0:46 strategy to of to focus on new cost 0:49 our previous system we had maybe a twenty-percent 0:52 user rating: we implemented the system look 0:56 IBM System at one from a 20 percent to 80 percent 1:00 part probar field use in and we have over now we're up to almost 2500 1:05 mom babies in the system the fear 1:09 eighty percent of them are using it mostly on a daily basis 1:12 %uh 1:14 %uh the new 1:19 0