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Swedish Match is achieving 2 percent inventory savings each year by using IBM Maximo Asset Management.

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0:00 well 0:04 which matches a Swedish company and we could use 0:10 tobacco products but also like to use that is both cautious 0:13 litres switch fascism at a fashion company effort 0:17 a minute fashion company the machines are really important that they are 0:20 available and they have a good uptime to all charges that switch bachelor facing 0:24 there is the cost to make it be able to be running the factories in the best 0:28 better cost low and therefore we try to look into different 0:31 costs for instance make this process which we know we need to be able to you 0:36 work better as a company between factors before maximo we have different legacy 0:40 systems 0:41 that meant that the different sites for properly aligned with each other 0:45 because compare now with IBM back some were able to actually compare the 0:49 different factories 0:50 which in turn will get benchmark for possibilities 0:53 which in turn will get better return on the time with him to make this process 0:57 now when we have implemented I'm a maximum we can actually go from this 1:01 fire fighting 1:02 situation that we had before term or prevent two methods 1:05 which is something that we can we can plan we can actually predict things 1:08 in the future we can do that and with that we can also play an hour work 1:12 better 1:13 which means that the machines are hopefully getting more 1:16 of time and that in turn will get we increase our productivity 1:20 which will give us the competitive botched out the old 1:24 when it comes to you I get maximum that 1:27 limitation there from the top management site that we can see already 1:30 now that we have about 2 percent some savings inventory per year 1:34 per site of