Transforming data into actionable intelligence to create a safer planet


Defense and national security agencies around the world play a critical role in creating a safer planet. This role is often contingent on their ability to generate and share actionable intelligence in timely manner. Watch this video to see how IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis enabled NATO joint forces to achieve data to decision in minutes, and execute their training operations with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Get mission critical intelligence in minutes


0:01 cyberspace big data 0:03 and the Internet of Things are forming the new battlefield 0:06 undefined by geographical borders and largely 0:10 on map by political and government agencies in this new 0:13 asymmetrical the heater obscured within the exponential growth 0:17 data might act is terrorist networks 0:20 in at 10 if various attended both online and in the field 0:24 but buried within this complex web information is a welcome sight 0:28 once uncovered these insights can enable national security and defense 0:32 organizations to identify 0:35 disrupt and neutralized right me incomplete information 0:39 in near-real-time Hamas organizations to make critical decisions 0:44 intake competent action-packed the point operation 0:47 IBM it. enterprise insight analysis 0:51 Canada's that strategic and mission critical advantage 0:54 designed with expertise in insight came from twenty-five years 0:58 cooperation with over 4,000 organizations worldwide 1:02 hi to enterprise impact analysis 1:05 is robust next generation intelligent solution 1:09 that performs at on my speed and scale 1:12 in H 2014 over 1600 Special Operations personnel 1:17 from eight nations executed the largest special ops intelligence exercise of its 1:22 kind in history 1:23 coordinating over 50 operations across more than a hundred Manthey and their 1:28 platforms 1:29 operation Nighthawk set a new standard for complex and evolving 1:32 Narayan's involving volumes for disparate data 1:36 and it. enterprise insight analysis was used to support 1:39 the entire exercise iTunes he I paid provided 1:43 live dynamic intelligence picture without which the mission could not have 1:47 met its objectives 1:48 the name real-time intelligence 1:52 supported operational and strategic decisions and enabled the analyst 1:56 to plan and execute missions with greater efficiency and accuracy 2:01 iTunes PIAA not only help the special ops teens rapidly exploits diverse 2:06 datasets to establish patterns apply 2:08 and identify hidden relationships and potential threats 2:19 but it also provided a secure and Themis means of sharing information and 2:23 intelligence 2:24 with the operational decision-making how was all this possible 2:28 speed scale and stepped I to 2:32 EA's integrated data system is designed to handle more than 1,000 concurrent 2:37 operational queries 2:38 well during continuous ingest up additional data 2:41 it features advanced intelligence analysis capabilities 2:45 and a dynamic UI that help automate 2:48 traditionally manual data processing tasks to analysts 2:52 he spend more time analysis and intelligence production 2:55 for instance ITEA aid automatically consolidates didn't get entities 3:00 entity resolution generation network relationships 3:03 and alerts analysts were never dating is added Paul 3:06 incremented in addition I to PIAA enables analysts to apply 3:11 multi-dimensional analysis 3:13 including geospatial temporal and social network analysis 3:17 across the entire day she's packed helping them uncovered connections and 3:20 trends ferritin 3:22 overwhelming volumes of data powerful text analytics 3:25 but the highlight critical details mastin unstructured documents 3:29 such as intelligence and surveillance reports has analysts continue to filter 3:34 such and analyze the data felon couple more inside speed and accuracy 3:39 that can be securely shared among organizations involved in an operation 3:44 IBM I to enterprise insight analysis 3:47 is the next generation intelligence analysis solution 3:50 designed to exploit massive datasets said that analyst 3:54 can transform data into actionable intelligence in near real-time 3:58 when it comes to intelligence their is a weapon of choice 4:01 IBM I to into price inside analysis 4:05 in