Translating Dave Haase’s race analytics to the business world


Ultracyclist David Haase is lapping the competition. With the help of IBM Analytics, Haase is cycling 3,000 miles for the Race Across America while monitoring heart rate, distance ridden and power output. Now he can stay on time, on path and in motion.

Learn more about how IBM is helping ultracyclist Dave Haase win RAAM 2015, a 3,000-mile race across the United States.


[00:20:58] Doug Barton: I don’t think there is going to be a profession that isn’t touched or improved by the use of analytics. It is not that we think that intuition goes away, but intuition can be improved. [00:10:09] David Haase: I think everyone has technology that they’re using, whether it’s bike computers or heartrate monitors, or power meters. [00:31:29] David Haase: ...when you’re racing across the country, you really don’t want to think about anything. You just want to ride your bike, don’t let your mind wander, and having that team, and my crew, all dialed into the same thing with using all the analytical data that we have, they’re going to help me race more efficiently. [00:31:29] David Haase: …working with IBM and IBM Analytics is definitely going to give me an advantage in the race. [00:05:34] Dave Marmer: I love the fact that we can transform organizations and transform roles. So the same thing that we’re doing for Dave in his personal journey here, we can do for anybody who’s in an organization who’s looking to improve how they personally… [00:05:34] Dave Marmer: …work within a business process or the process itself. Whether a process is dormant, broken, or non-existent, we can make recommendations about how things can come together and make companies succeed. [00:03:17] John Colthart: So whether it’s race… [00:03:17] John Colthart: ….or whether it’s trying to move your business, it’s really trying to get the information and that insight targeted so that you can move forward and… [00:03:17] John Colthart: …make that happen. [00:03:17] John Colthart: …when I look at Watson Analytics and, and the analytics platform that we’ve put together around the Internet of Dave with the internet of things, it’s creating that interconnectivity that, that businesses use. [00:03:17] John Colthart: …there’s all of these different things that go into whether your business is going to be successful or not. [00:07:25] Susara Van Den Heever: It’s really the turning point where analytics is going from only large enterprises, going to midsize enterprises and individuals. Even at the level Dave is -- it’s, it’s the perfect example at the individual level of an athlete optimizing his performance. [00:13:26] Susara Van Den Heever: I think in the next 10 years, Watson Analytics is really going to bring analytics to every space. [00:13:26] Susara Van Den Heever:…it’s really changing the landscape for us.