Vaasan Oy uses analytics to analyze social media and customer behavior


Vaasan Oy, one of the leading bakery operators in Northern Europe, gains greater visibility into its data to help make better decisions.

Jonas Hagner, Group IT Director, Vaasan Oy, explains "With these new tools we are actually learning to see and understand what is transpiring in our whole enterprise."

Learn how IBM Analytics is transforming retail.


0:09 for a long time we've got to IBM customers so we have a fairly large deck 0:17 will be recalled us we cannot be I we have them one now which is a new tool 0:22 we've been doing planning for quite a while we're doing the mom son disclosure 0:29 management so we have a fifth fairly full portfolio daily sales for example 0:33 is hugely important for us be really tried to get on top of what's happening 0:37 with our customers weather trends are going on to consumers are behaving with 0:41 social media analytics as well and again just to try to get better in touch with 0:47 our our consumers are we had this kind of tools we really didn't have any 0:53 disability I mean we could really see various George sample short set up a 0:57 time to time period was really short so what this new tool we have actually 1:01 learning to see and learning to understand what's transpiring coal 1:05 enterprises so you know we've been a valuable data we have a lot of daytime 1:09 we're able to create actually business value out of date 1:12 before this was just totally opposed to merely all over the place there was no 1:17 harmony Satio