What is IBM Cloud for Financial Services?

Overview recently announced IBM Cloud for Financial Services--a platform built for FinTech developers, providing the tools they need to develop, test and deploy FinTech apps.

Tom Eck, CTO of Industry Platforms with IBM, is a long-time developer himself. In this video, recorded live at FinDevR in March, he explains why this platform is different than any you've seen before, and how you can get involved to monetize your offerings and partner with IBM.

Maybe, as Tom says in his opening, you haven't had much experience with IBM developer tools to this point? Or perhaps you've heard about IBM tools, but are not sure what they can contribute to your work? Watch as Tom takes you through building an app in real-time. He also demonstrates, with a few sample apps, what IBM Cloud for Financial Services can offer you. 

IBM Cloud for Financial Services is built by developers for developers. 

Try it for free and start building your FinTech apps today!