Work smarter: How IBM connects you to the Internet of Things


Capitalizing on Internet of Things data is all about connections. And the capability to act on insights in the moment requires a secure, scalable means for businesses to plug into the Internet of Things and integrate systems that can connect to mobile devices and sensors quickly and on a large scale.

IBM MessageSight offers a secure and scalable way to plug your business into the Internet of Things. Learn more about unlocking possibilities with MessageSight.


0:00it's all about connections data from devices connected to the Internet of 0:04Things is the key to driving new streams of revenue 0:07and maximizing investment you've already made IBMs inside 0:12offers a secure and scalable way to plug your business 0:15into the Internet of Things it allows businesses to integrate systems and 0:19connect to mobile site 0:20sensors and devices on a large scale and its bi directional communication 0:25mechanism 0:26allows applications to respond quickly so you can act on 0:29insights in the moment take Daniel a plant manager challenged with 0:33streamlining operations while 0:35implementing more innovative technology solutions accessing devices and sensors 0:40through with simple mobile application 0:42he can quickly automate operations across this facility 0:45he can manage lighting he did alarms and other building functions 0:49reliably remotely and securely he can also check 0:53if the doors are locked and secured that's pretty important 0:58when he's offside the contract the movement of people in the building 1:01so temperatures can be adjusted automatically %uh while he's away 1:05continuous analysis of the data can predict when maintenance is needed 1:09like with pump pressures water levels in tanks and more 1:12so corrective actions can be taken fast 1:15IBMs inside insures the you stay connected to your 1:19office building plan to bore store this continuous exchange 1:23data enables near real time tracking and monitoring 1:26and predictive modeling and analytics now your business can work smarter 1:30get ahead of competitors and keep pace with the ever-changing needs and 1:34customers 1:35get connected to the Internet of Things with 1:38IBM message site school