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The risks of using spreadsheets for statistical analysis

Spreadsheets are excellent tools as far as they go—but how far can they truly go? If you’re pushing your spreadsheet-based solutions beyond their viable limits, then they might be doing more harm than good. Discover what considerations you shouldn’t ignore when using spreadsheets for statistical...

The power of IBM SPSS Statistics and R together

Data analytics is no longer an either/or choice. With the integration of IBM SPSS Statistics and R, you can bring together the statistical analysis and data management capabilities that have helped so many data scientists gain insight after insight from their data.

Increase financial services revenue through improved engagement

As they compete in the modern business environment, companies are increasingly looking to sophisticated analytics and cognitive capabilities to help them gain an deep understanding of what matters to their clients. By knowing their customers well, organizations can provide targeted, personalized...

IBM test data management: A point of view

IBM test data management (TDM) services are designed to satisfy the demands of enterprises trying to take advantage of test data and environment management solutions for complex IT deployments. TDM services cater to test data discovery, subset production, masking, test data refresh, automation of...

Analytics for a cognitive business

As humans, we have the ability to think both analytically and creatively. The same should be true for your organization, with technology that helps you hypothesize by connecting fact to possibility. That is a defining trait of cognitive business: a new relationship with technology that empowers...

Capture more value from from body-worn camera video

Are you making the most of the opportunities created by your team’s use of body-worn cameras? Discover how you can enlist the help you need to allow you to take full advantage of this essential law enforcement technology.

Driving value from body cameras

Today, just about every event anywhere in the world seems to be captured on video by a security camera, smart phone camera or body worn camera. Body cameras for public safety and law enforcement professionals is a hot topic as agencies purchase equipment and set up new policies.

Introducing notebooks: A power tool for data scientists

Check out the details on a tool that can change the game for data scientists—open source analytics notebooks. Learn what notebooks are, what value they provide and how to get started using them today.

Using a predictive analytics model to foresee flight delays

Download an ebook that gives detailed information for building an app that can not only predict flight delays caused by weather conditions, but also provide the degree to which flights will be delayed.

Toward frictionless data discovery: IBM Fluid Query eases the way

A modern, high-level architecture—the integrated information platform—can help business analysts overcome the traditional difficulties of data discovery and deliver business insight.