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The data warehouse appliances of best-in-class organizations

Is your company weighing the benefits of a data warehouse appliance? Learn how top-performing organizations are using data warehouse appliances to enable data-driven decision making.

Next-generation predictive analytics

Predictive analytics has helped industries and organizations of all sizes gain competitive advantage. Further evidence of this significant trend can found in an executive summary from Ventana Research.

Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Powering smarter decision-making with ultra-fast, highly flexible analytics

Basin Electric Power Cooperative powers smarter decision-making with ultra-fast, highly flexible analytics.

Predictive analytics for insurance

Customer churn and fraudulent claims in today’s insurance industry can translate to losses for providers. Insurance organizations can stay one step ahead by deploying predictive analytics to determine future outcomes.

Combining the power of IBM Predictive Analytics and IBM Decision Optimization

The ability to predict what might happen is no longer enough. Organizations also need to know how to respond to the predictive insights they glean from data analysis. Discover how predictive analytics and decision optimization can work together to create a powerful, comprehensive decision...

Geospatial analytics with IBM SPSS Modeler

Time and location-based intelligence can reveal hidden insights about your business, customers or constituents. Learn how organizations can benefit from geospatial analytics and how IBM SPSS Modeler augments predictive modeling by integrating elements of time and space into analyses.

Pivot your data strategy and architecture to unleash business transformation

Meeting today’s dynamic data requirements goes beyond technology that focuses on operational capture, decision-support-oriented consumption, and data governance. Enterprise architects need to take into account a wider array of data sources and establish a performance measurement plan that tracks...

Are you ready for mobile capture?

Mobile computing is on the rise, and mobile document capture is the next logical step for organizations in document-intensive fields such as banking, insurance, government, healthcare and education. Mobile document capture allows employees and customers to capture documents from their point of...

Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs in property and casualty insurance

Discover how to apply IBM SPSS to predictive analytics that can make a difference in handling two key concerns for insurance companies: customer service and fraud.

Customer retention and growth with predictive analytics for insurance

Are you looking for a way to grow your business? By proactively managing customer relationships through predictive analytics, insurance companies can retain customers and increase revenues through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Customer analytics give organizations insight into customer...