White Papers & Reports

Hybrid cloud for big data and analytics solutions

In this report, learn how to create a hybrid cloud that's seamless, secure, and built for analytics.

PySpark: High-performance data processing without learning Scala

This white paper discusses the advantages of using the PySpark API, which enables the use of Python to interact with the Spark programming model. It starts with a basic description of Spark and then describes PySpark, its benefits, and when it is appropriate to use instead of "pandas" open source...

2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms

Data science platforms are engines for creating machine-learning solutions. This report evaluates 16 providers of data science platforms.

SparkR: Transforming R into a tool for big data analytics

In this white paper, discover how programmers and data scientists can use SparkR to transform R into a tool for big data analytics, taking advantage of parallel processing and near-linear scaling to tackle much larger challenges than would normally be possible with other methods.

Think big, start small and learn fast

In his book, The New Killer Apps, Chunka Mui, innovation and business strategy consultant, asserts that the conventional wisdom about start-ups being destined to out-innovate big, established businesses isn't true. Read this excerpt to learn how large companies can disrupt too by thinking big,...

Introducing notebooks: A power tool for data scientists

Check out the details on a tool that can change the game for data scientists—open source analytics notebooks. Learn what notebooks are, what value they provide and how to get started using them today.

Using a predictive analytics model to foresee flight delays

Download an ebook that gives detailed information for building an app that can not only predict flight delays caused by weather conditions, but also provide the degree to which flights will be delayed.

Next-generation predictive analytics

Predictive analytics has helped industries and organizations of all sizes gain competitive advantage. Further evidence of this significant trend can found in an executive summary from Ventana Research.

Pivot your data strategy and architecture to unleash business transformation

Meeting today’s dynamic data requirements goes beyond technology that focuses on operational capture, decision-support-oriented consumption, and data governance. Enterprise architects need to take into account a wider array of data sources and establish a performance measurement plan that tracks...

The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014

According to the report, IBM brings "advanced analytics tools, a global presence and implementation services" that make BigInsights a "complete big data solution that will be attractive to many customers." Read the report to see why IBM InfoSphere BigInsights was named a leader and how it stands in...